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Information Technology Based Law Office

Technological advances are often not followed by the development of rules that follow these developments in the framework of ensuring legal certainty and business certainty. Our law office handles legal issues that are often encountered related to electronic delivery of information, communications and/or transactions, resulting in losses for Clients. Fintech as a type of service in the financial sector that uses technology as its main means of providing convenience and speed in aspects of financial services. Fintech broadly covers financial services such as payment methods, fund transfers, loans, fundraising, and others. Fintech lending specifically relates to money lending services facilitated by information and communication technology. Article 3 paragraph (1) Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 19/12/PBI/2017 of 2017 concerning Implementation of Financial Technology (PBI 19/2017) divides fintech into 5 types, namely: Payment system, where the fintech operator becomes the operator engaged

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